Alpert Educational Consulting

My Experience

I am an educator and professional ADHD coach with over 30 years’ experience supporting students with disabilities and other learning challenges in a post-secondary environment. My goal is to help students and parents build the level of self-knowledge, self-awareness, and critical skills necessary to prepare them for the challenges inherent in the transition to the post-secondary experience.


My professional experience in higher education includes teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses in psychology, providing counseling services to students, and working with students and families during their transition to the post-secondary environment.


Soon after earning my Doctor of Education (Ed.D) in Counseling and Educational Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in 1992, I began my tenure as Assistant Dean/Director of Student Disability Services at Western New England University. In my 21 years at the institution, I helped to develop policies, procedures, and documentation guidelines that are critical to the organization and delivery of disability-related services on the Western New England University campus.


I stewarded many legal, ethical, and practical initiatives to help the University remain compliant regarding accessibility issues (specifically, the ADAAA and Section 504) and to ensure access and inclusion to students with disabilities. I have extensive experience in reviewing and interpreting confidential psycho-educational evaluations to determine students’ eligibility for services and prescribe appropriate academic, facilities, and housing accommodations. In addition, I have developed, coordinated, and implemented annual faculty and staff workshops and seminars on disability laws and supporting students with disabilities in the post-secondary setting.


Knowledge, with respect to assistive technology, legal issues, support strategies, accommodations, and accessibility, guides my work. I am also deeply motivated by my passionate belief that education should enable and empower all community members to live and work in an environment sensitive to diversity.